About One Good Thing

We’re huge fans of the planet. In fact, we’d say we’re pretty reliant on it and we’d like it to stay! But having big dreams of saving the planet can feel a little daunting, and some people don’t know where to start. That’s why One Good Thing was created, to make it easy to do just One Good Thing to help reduce our impact on the planet.

Whilst we may be starting off as a humble sustainable snack and protein bar company, trying to do our little bit for the planet, we’ve got big ideas. Our team of busy bees are currently cooking up a host of other, exciting products to make it easier for you to choose tasty snacks and drinks (....spoiler!) that won’t cost the Earth.

How it all began

It all began when a countryside cycle ride left us utterly gob-smacked at the amount litter left-behind that spoiled the natural beauty. We weren’t naive enough to dream of a world where everyone took their litter home. Instead, we imagined a place where people simply didn’t need to! We were also pretty fed up of feeling like the only sustainable, on-the-go treats out there tasted a bit like dust - let’s face it, nobody wants to eat dust, even for a good cause...

Off to the lab!

So, we set off to the lab with some clever scientists & nutritionists to develop an answer to the countryside’s litter problem by tackling the root cause - food wrappers.

We developed a completely edible, 100% natural replacement for a traditional plastic or paper wrapper - made mostly out of beeswax, our special coating is derived from nature, to give back to nature and removes the need for plastic waste altogether. We’re committed to creating innovative new ways to make tasty treats in the most sustainable way we can!

about our bars

Ready to try the world's first snack and protein bars with a 100% natural, edible coating? Here's some of the most frequently asked questions we get!

What do you mean, they don't have a wrapper?

Our bars are covered in a natural coating that works exactly how a traditional plastic wrapper would. The coating protects all of the ingredients inside, keeping your bar fresh and tasty, but is completely edible.

What is the coating made from?

The special coating is made out of completely natural ingredients, mostly beeswax! It contains no nasties and is fully safe to eat.

Are the bars hygienic?

Yes! We like to think of our bars as just like an apple. When you're ready to eat one, you can just give it a quick rinse. Rinsing the bars won't affect the taste or make it go sticky and soggy.

So, if you happen to drop your bar where the 5 second rule won't suffice, then simply give it a rinse and munch away!

Is it a bit like eating a babybel...but with the red bit?

No! We've not actually eaten the red babybel wrapper to confirm but rest assured, our coating is super thin but durable. Instead of us trying to explain it, take a bite and see!

What's so good about your bars?

We don't like to toot our own horn but...here we go. Our bars are made out of 100% raw cold-pressed, low carbon footprint ingredients so we can capture as much flavour and nutrition as possible, and give a little nod to the planet at the same time by using less energy to make them in comparison to other snacks.

How long will a bar last?

The shelf life of our bars sits at 3 months. Our bars aren't jam packed with preservatives, in fact, they don't contain any! Our coating is airtight and durable, meaning you can take your bar anywhere with you. Lots of our OGT Community take their bars on runs, bike rides, golfing...they're pretty handy when you can't find a bin!

Doing One Good Thing

All we can wish for is that instead of buying a not-so-naked bar with a plastic or paper wrapper, instead you'll buy an OGT bar, reducing waste and the need for so much recycling - doing your One Good Thing.