Got a question?

What do you mean, they don't have a wrapper?

Our bars are covered in a natural coating that works exactly how a traditional plastic wrapper would. The coating protects all of the ingredients inside, keeping your bar fresh and tasty, but is completely edible.

What is the coating made from?

The special coating is made out of completely natural ingredients, mostly beeswax! It contains no nasties and is fully safe to eat.

Whaat? How is this sanitary?

Don’t worry, no strange hands have been anywhere near your bars! We’re currently a direct-to-your-door service and are not available in retail yet. Your bars are sent directly to your door in one 100% recyclable box (that’s made out of 70% recycled materials). Our special coating means you can just give the bars a rinse like you would with an apple or a pear, and eat away.

Is it a bit like eating a babybel...but with the red bit?

No! We've not actually eaten the red babybel wrapper to confirm but rest assured, our coating is super thin but durable. Instead of us trying to explain it, take a bite and see!

Why is OGT the best?!

Why us over another snack bar? This could take a while so we’ll be succinct for you and list it!

No wrapper, hassle free, unique flavours, delicious, pocket-sized & bag friendly, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, vegetarian, high in protein for the protein range, rinse-able, commuter and car friendly (no more crumbs in your car and lap!), did we mention delicious...? The list could take you to Mars!

What does ‘cold-pressed’ mean?

Cold-pressed means we squash everything together to create our raw bars without using any heat. Not only does this method lock in flavour, but it’s also a greener option for Earth!

What's the label made from?

The labels are made from fully edible rice paper ...edible labels - cool eh? No more plastic labels entering the world! Our ink is 100% natural and food safe.

Why are my bars all a little different?

Taking your snack bar on an adventure? Your bars may get a little bashed around. But don’t worry, they will still be just as tasty! Our edible coating is what allow our bars to be plastic free and the planet will thank you for it.

What is a snack bar?

Our snack bar is a helpful lil oat-based bar that’s there to satisfy your tummy rumbles in between meals, give you extra fuel and keep you going until the next meal time. Snack bars aren’t to be used to replace whole meals, but instead support your daily nutrition intake.

What is the protein bar?

The OGT protein bar is an oat-based bar of which 20% of the calories are from protein sources. We like to use pea protein and faba bean protein. These are our go-to pea protein has the lowest carbon footprint while fava protein has a low salt content - we use both to balance these to make sure our bars are better for you and easier on the planet!

How many come in a box?

Choose from a box of 6 or 12 (we know the feeling of running out of snacks). Build a variety box and choose any flavour you like by subscribing with us.


Our boxes are small enough to fit through most letterboxes so they can be delivered along with the rest of your post. If you’re not home, your bars will still make it safely to your home!


Your bars should be stored at room temperature in a cupboard. The best before date will be stamped on the inside of the leaflet.

How long will your bars last?

The shelf life of our bars sits at minimum of 1 month (but we imagine you’ll get through yours a lot quicker!). Why? Our bars aren’t jam packed with preservatives, in fact, they don’t contain any! This gives you enough flexibility to go on holiday for a couple months and come back to be greeted by your OGT bars keeping your cupboards company <3