Carob & Orange oat

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Carob & Orange oat

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This one’s for the chocolate lovers! A delicious twist on your snack routine.

A blend of Scottish oats with the sweet kick of carob and the refreshing zest of oranges (Terry who?..). A burst of flavour with every bite. Whether you're rushing through your morning or needing a boost in the afternoon, this bar is here to satisfy your cravings.

Give our newest addition a go for a flavour-packed adventure, perfect for anytime hunger strikes.

What’s carob?

Carob is a more sustainable alternative to chocolate, it uses 90% less greenhouse gas emissions and 90% less water than conventional chocolate. Being naturally sweet, its flavour closely resembles chocolate.

For allergens: please click the ingredients and allergens tab below.



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why one good thing?

Welcome to a whole new world of snacking. We make it possible for you to get your hands on tasty snacks whilst keeping the environment in mind. Here's how...

Plastic free

low carbon footprint ingredients

100% natural with no preservatives

Under 150 calories

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Big on flavour

Oat bar

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High carbon footprint ingredients

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Higher in calories

Multiple layers of non-recyclable packaging

Boring flavours (in our humble opinion...)

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